Nik Halik – Adventurer, Entrepreneur and today Author

I lately authored articles about my pal Nik Halik, and that i described him like a “Thrillionaire”.

Well it appears that Nik just released his new book known as “The Thrillionaire”, so he’s certainly transporting up with his nickname.

Lately, Nik Halik sitting lower and it was interviewed by Hanna Mills from mxNews in Queensland, Australia. Within the interview he was requested a number of questions regarding his existence and just how he acquired a feeling of adventure. Nik established fact like a former superstar, a tornado chaser along with a wealth strategist, and that he are now able to add author to his string of accomplishments.

His solutions show his longing for adventure and the need to become a business owner from your young age. Just eight years of age according to him he authored a screenplay for his existence and he’s been acting it since.

Probably the most wonderful things he’s done would be to sleep inside Egypt’s Pyramid of Giza, because Alexander The Truly Amazing, Napoleon, Mister Isaac Newton and Herodotus also rested there!

His number 1 objective, after he is doing a stint in the Worldwide Space Station, would be to walk around the moon, and when anybody can do it, then Nik Halik will!

Nik may be the boy of working-class Greeks who migrated to Australia as he was youthful, and that he attributes lots of his success to his father who gave him the best way forward as he told him, “you’re that you affiliate with”. And that he also stated to him, “help make your dissatisfaction meet your needs”, meaning if you’re constantly dissatisfied, it’s a positive energy”.

No question Nik Halik is loving existence! Everything he’s attempted to achieve has to date been recognized!

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