How Long Does a Car Accident Case Take to Settle?

If you have recovered fully from your injuries and you have under-insured motorist coverage, you can get a settlement within six months, but the more complex your situation, the longer it takes to settle your case.

According to Connecticut law, the statute of limitations (legal deadline) for filing a car accident lawsuit is two years. You might wonder why it would take someone such a long time to decide whether to file a lawsuit related to a car accident. In most cases, people only decide to file lawsuits when they have exhausted all their other options; being a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit is an investment of time and energy, no matter how helpful and efficient your lawyer is.  The best time to contact a car accident lawyer is as soon after the accident as possible; the sooner you act, the more options your lawyer can give you. In fact, your lawyer will probably be able to settle your case just by negotiating with insurance companies, and you will be able to get the money you need without even resorting to a lawsuit. A Windsor, Connecticutcar accident lawyer can help you settle your case as quickly as possible.

Six Months, if All Goes Well

You should contact a car accident lawyer if your injuries are serious enough that the cost of your treatment and the income you lost by missing work because of your injuries will be more than the limits provided by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If possible, you should not give a recorded statement to the insurance company. It is a better idea to let your lawyer speak on your behalf, so that the claims adjusters cannot ask you leading questions in order to make you contradict yourself oradmit that you were partially at fault.

If you have made a full recovery and returned to work, then you know how much money you lost because of the accident; it is the total of your medical bills and the income you missed out on due to your injuries. Your lawyer will then know how much to ask for and will first seek it from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If that company cannot pay the full amount, your lawyer can then get the rest of the money from your under-insured motorist insurance company.

Factors That Can Complicate Your Case

Not every car accident case can wrap up so neatly. These are some reasons why your case might take longer to settle, or why you might even need to file a lawsuit:

  • You are still receiving treatment and still unable to work, so it is not possible to know your total accident-related expenses
  • You and the other driver disagree about your percentage of fault for the accident
  • The other driver or their insurance company claims that your injuries are not due to the accident, but rather to a pre-existing medical condition

No matter how complicated your situation is, a car accident lawyer can help you recover damages.

Contact Berman & Russo About Car Accident Cases

A car accident lawyer can help you negotiate with insurance companies and even file a lawsuit, if appropriate. Contact Berman & Russo in South Windsor, Connecticut or call 860-644-1548 to discuss your case.

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