What kind of BF2042 cheats one can use in the battlefields 2042

Multiplayer shooting games are the new future of the gaming industry. Millions and almost a billion people have shifted to multiplayer games because of various reasons. They are currently the leading types of games and seem to be in the run for a long time. One of such games which stands currently in one of the top player multiplayer games is battlefields 2042.

Since the game is among the top shooting games, one can expect to meet loads of hackers, where one will usually lose to them. These hackers use the BF2042 cheats to manipulate the game and make it advantageous to them. Therefore it is very likely that one should also use the BF2042 cheats in order to tackle these hackers and have a fair fighting chance. Not using the BF2042 cheats can keep one at the risk of losing points. Here are a few of the cheats one can use.


The Aimbot

One of the most common BF2042 cheats people use is the aimbot. In the aimbot, one can easily see the enemies from a distance and shoo them accurately with a 100% accuracy rate. Therefore even if the target is moving, the aimbot cheat will hit the target with the most accuracy and kill the enemy in one shot. Another thing with the aimbot is that one can even lock on the target. If the enemy is moving places, one can lock on that enemy and hit it even after 10 minutes with 100%accuracy. Once the enemy is eliminated, the lock mode will shift to the next enemy and lock-in.


ESP system

Another type of BF2042 cheats people use is the ESP system: in this, one can easily find out the name of any player over the map irrespective of the distance. Therefore if: for any reason, one wants to find out the name of a particular player, one can use the ESP system. Another type of cheat one can use in the ESP system is to locate the surrounding items. One can find all the items which are near one and pick them up. But this works only on the surrounding area and not the whole map.


The mouse cheats

Another type of BF2042 cheats one can use is mouse cheats. This kind of cheat won’t make the gameplay any better but will enhance the gaming experience. One can simply use the mouse to change any setting if required. There is no need to open the set in a new tab and change whatever is necessary. One will be able to even change the colors of the setting through this cheat.


The radar

Another crucial cheat people use: is radar cheats. In this, people can locate all the enemies on the radar and spot them before they spot one. One can even change the size of the radar so that one will have a clear view of the enemies.



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